Book Review of The Dangers of a Shallow Faith


Book Review of The Dangers of a Shallow Faith
by A.W. Tozer

Every book I read by this author leads me closer to God. Each premise is backed up by the Word of God, the Bible. As the title would indicate, this book is filled with cautions for recognizing shallowness in our walk with God.

These are my favorite takeaways.

• On serving God:
“…if we do not look out, we will be using God to get peace of mind, to get business, to get rich, and never serve God at all. If God never answered another prayer for me as long as I live, I still want God to know that I want to serve Him until I die.” p. 58

• Considering our individual responsibility before God:
“What happens to your soul cannot be blamed on heredity or on environment.” “…think on your ways, consider your ways.” p. 173

• Preparing for the ongoing battle with the enemy of our soul:
“Temptation cannot hurt you if you have anticipated it by prayer; but temptation will certainly trip you if you have not.” p. 198 “…the Lord gave us the example of anticipatory prayer – getting ready for any event by seeking the face of God in watchful payer at regular times.” p. 202

• Living free from religious expectations (additives):
“When I put these aside and refuse to be affected or influenced by them, I then give way for God to work through me according to His agenda and His purpose.” p. 211

This is a book well worth reading and saving for future reference to keep oneself in tune with God’s purpose for the life He has given us.

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